Alexandra Bandier, Founder + Mom, MS, RD

Expert guidance on prenatal, postnatal, & pediatric nutrition.

I'm a Registered Dietitian with a Masters in Nutrition, a mom, and Founder of Senta Heath. I specialize in prenatal, postnatal, and pediatric nutrition.

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We want your baby to start life with the healthiest possible foundation, a firm rooting that will more readily flourish into a life of wellness. And we want you to feel amazing during pregnancy, while best positioning you for the easiest possible postpartum recovery.



The months of pregnancy, the demands of birth, and the challenges of motherhood are undoubtedly taxing on a woman’s physical and emotional health. Yet with a new baby to care for, caring for ourselves sometimes gets lost. We believe it is crucial to also prioritize mom’s wellbeing.



Our overarching focus is the general health, growth, and development of your child through balanced nutrition. After helping hundreds of families, we have expertise in a wide range of issues and stages. We work with children 0-18 years old, with a strong focus on children 0-10 years old.

Happy Clients

“As a mom with many food allergies, I was nervous about introducing allergens to Robbie. How do I introduce them? When do I start? What are the signs of an allergic reaction? Is there a specific order to follow? With Ali’s support and guidance, I was able to safely introduce all eight allergens with confidence. Ali was available for follow up questions, post allergen check-ins, and late night pictures of potential reactions. My mind was put at ease because of Ali’s support and reassurance. Now, Robbie loves meal time and so do I - this is all thanks to Ali. I can’t recommend Senta Health enough!”
- Whitney S.

“Choosing to work with Ali and Senta is one of the best decisions I have made as a new mom. I was so anxious about the solids milestone - I knew Addison was a completely blank slate, and I wanted to do whatever I could to set her up for success. Ali’s philosophy is about letting your child tell you what they are feeling and not putting any pressure on them. I am so happy to say that Addison is now an amazing eater who knows how to drink through a straw and a real cup, and is genuinely excited about meals. I feel so lucky to be working with Ali, and I am so grateful for the confidence she has given me.”
- Cassandra N.

"My experience working with Ali and Senta Health to introduce real foods to my daughter, Gray, felt life changing for my family. We trusted Ali, and her program took all of the second-guessing and stress out of the process. Best of all, it felt easy. As a working mom herself, Ali has discovered creative ways to make it possible to feed your baby healthy, nutritious foods, even on a busy schedule. As Gray neared her second birthday, I really began understanding the lasting impacts of Ali’s wisdom. Unlike many of her two-year-old peers, Gray sits independently at mealtime with adults and happily eats whatever we eat. Because of Ali, I’m confident that I’ve given Gray the best possible foundation to develop a healthy relationship with food and life-long healthy eating habits."
- Lydia K.

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