We offer one-on-one and group counseling across prenatal, postnatal, and pediatric nutrition. Many parents choose to utilize the three Senta Health programs in succession, covering their complete journey from pregnancy to recovery to child-rearing. But these services are also available individually for those interested in specific areas only.


Counseling is based on the Senta Prenatal Guide, but customized to fit your unique needs. We want your baby to start life with the healthiest possible foundation, a firm rooting that will more readily flourish into a life of wellness. And we want you to feel amazing during pregnancy, while best positioning you for the easiest possible postpartum recovery.

For Baby

The Senta Prenatal Guide focuses on the addition of foods and nutrients that optimize your child’s development. Studies show that what you eat during pregnancy has a lasting influence on your child over the course of his or her life. But don’t let this be cause for concern, rather, be empowered knowing that you can, today, start eating foods that will positively impact your child’s health in the future.

For Mom

For mom, thoughtful nutrition can transform the entire pregnancy experience. The Senta Prenatal Guide works to increase your energy while minimizing aches, pains, indigestion, nausea, and cravings. This can be further tailored for the management of gestational diabetes. At the same time, we look to improve and deepen sleep, allowing you the rest you need and deserve. And as an added benefit, this all can leave your skin bright and clear.


Counseling is based on the Senta Postnatal Guide, but customized to fit your unique needs. The months of pregnancy, the demands of birth, and the challenges of motherhood are undoubtedly taxing on a woman’s physical and emotional health. Yet with a new baby to care for, caring for ourselves sometimes gets lost. But, at Senta Health, we believe it is crucial to also prioritize mom’s wellbeing.

The Senta Postnatal Guide accounts for the stresses brought on by pregnancy and childbirth, and it guides you to the foods and nutrients that best support you during your restoration process. Our approach centers on replenishing and healing your body, helping you to recover faster, increase your energy, boost hair growth, and improve your mood. And if you are breastfeeding, the Senta Postnatal Guide covers ways to increase the nutrient density of your milk.

Our goal is to help return mothers to their full strength.


At Senta Health, we believe that every child is unique and that parents have the best intuition about their children’s needs. In keeping with that, we closely collaborate with parents, supporting them and their children by providing research-based suggestions and approaches to help meet family goals.

Our overarching focus is the general health, growth, and development of your child through balanced nutrition. After working with hundreds of families, we have expertise in a wide range of issues and stages.

We work with children 0-18 years old, with a strong focus on children 0-10 years old

Senta Pediatrics covers nutrition through these stages of development, as well as overcoming food-behavior challenges

Popular topics include, but are not limited to: formula selection, introducing solids, balanced nutrition, allergies (prevention and/or management), bottle weaning, picky eating, toddler food behaviors, and prevention of emotional eating

Our method for introducing solids, Senta Solids, is a 12-week program that outlines what and how to feed your baby day-by-day. Senta Solids focuses on nutrients for brain development (iron, zinc, omega-3, choline, etc), introduces all top allergens safely, expands baby’s palette by prioritizing varying flavors (bitter, sweet, sour and umami), and exposes baby to a wide variety of foods. During counseling this program is further customized.

Additional Services

Workshops & Seminars

Available to present on a variety of topics within prenatal, postnatal and pediatric nutrition

Popular topics include: prenatal nutrition by trimester, pregnancy challenges, postnatal recovery, picky eating, toddler eating challenges, introducing solids, balanced nutrition for all ages, general Q&A

Prior clients include schools, religious organizations, children play spaces, mom groups, companies, and friend groups


Available for speaking engagements, interviews, TV, and social media collaborations

Product Advisory

Consultation services offered for companies in need of Registered Dietitian guidance for product development, consumer education, etc.